Getting set for episode 1!

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Getting set for episode 1!

Post  fresher4321 on Tue May 29, 2012 6:33 am

Congrats to everyone for helping us get this far! Were almost ready for our first episode, though were still making some changes to the scene and the script, (we might keep script as it is now). But anyway, if anyone, would like to change the script before we start, go ahead, send it in and we'll see if we like it! As soon as everyone choses a part, (therefore all parts should be tooken, or some might be replaced with npc's) and when the scenes are finished, and when we have our finished script, SMOTHDUDE, will give us our first due date of when we will start recording! Please tell us if you cannot make it to the first episode, (we might canel it if you cannot come, or replace you with and npc, jk) Thanks for your time -fresher4321


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