Final Script

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Final Script

Post  fresher4321 on Tue May 29, 2012 3:01 pm

Okay so I think were using Godu92's script, if you have another script you want to use, just reply back to this. But we still need to decide their names, I have decided some, but if you don't like, just reply back some names that you want to use and we'll decide.
Actor 1: Drake
Actor 2: John
Actor 3: Peter
Actor 4: Merlise (merliCe, pernouce like that, we can't have all guys)
Actor 5: Darald
Actor 6: Jake
Actor 7: Steven
Actor 8: Sgt. Ben
Actor 9: Gorege
Actor 10: Shaun
Actor 11: I don't think we have actor 11


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