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A conspiracy man!

Post  ClassifiedShift on Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:03 am

This is my take on what is going to happen in the next 1-2 weeks:
*Most of us are all in the forum chat
*Smoth logs in
*All amazed we say how much we missed him
*He says you have passed
*We're confused
*He explains how he left to test us and how we pulled ourself together and made it through
*Smoth makes Godu the owner of Loneminers and does Sepuku
*Smoth flies from his computer seat and glows he is now number 1.
*Vegeta flies from the sky and challenges Godu to battle
*As his backup arrives (Us) we fly into formation....
*Kim kicks spin kicks Vegeta sending him flying back into me as I awesomely palm him towards Godu.
*As Vegeta is reviving out of his daze he sees Godu charging up a punch with his golden fist and knocks him flying.
*Fresher puts on his sunglasses and shoots energy out of his palms shooting Vegeta down to the ground
*Vegeta gets up and Kahme Hamhe Haaas us and we get knocked down, Dubstep plays as Gcast and *MIDWATCH slow-motion walk out of the blue and do some awesome moves on him.
*Macca picks him up by his shirt and says "We are the loneminers." and kicks him so hard he gets knocked out of the planet screaming
*Smoth revives we have passed the next test... affraid


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