The Loneminer Challenge #1

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The Loneminer Challenge #1

Post  ClassifiedShift on Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:03 am

Hello Loneminers!
Today I have devised a challenge competition series.
This challenge is the first and here are the rules!
1.No Cheating
2.No Lying
3.Must give a screenshot to say you've finished
4.No complaining, this has all been done by me!
This map is quite cliché, You awake and you're on a chunk surrounded by water, You have no goals ingame but this is where my challenge kicks in.
Firstly you have to have these blocks lined up (They're all possible to legitimately collect.)
Diamond block, Iron block, Cobblestone, Gold Block, Log, Lapis block, Lava, Water and 1 Leaf block!
If these are obtained you must screenshot them all! and take a screenshot!
Map Download: ?saul4pwukd04b6d
Time taken by me: 15-20 Mins.
Difficulty: Extreme...-Ly Easy...
Map Info: Wasn't made by me, Found on Planet Minecraft.


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