My Build for an Application to get us known.

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My Build for an Application to get us known.

Post  PlayerMidwatch on Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:39 am

I while ago I decided to attempt in sending an application to gain entry to the Angel Block Society. The Angel Block Society is a building team that is very well known among PMC. If I were to gain entry then I would be able to not only be in an amazing build team, but also "advertise" the LoneMiners in maybe a build, my profile, or some other way (open to suggestions). I've worked on a few builds but none of them seem to satisfy me, and I now know why. I figure that I actually have to plan a build and like sketch it, experiment with looks, and work carefully at every detail of the build making sure that everything is necessary and nothing is standing alone, in other words making sure that every part of the build fits with another. These other builds I have attempted have all been made as I go, and will usually turn out too large or simplistic, which simply won't get me in.

Now the reason for this post is I need a bit of assistance from everyone here at the LoneMiners. What I'm simply asking is for constructive criticism from you and help on what to actually build, right now I'm not sure what to build but I have a few ideas floating around that may piece together.

-A village/town inside a mountain valley.

-A server spawn that is in the ocean, a platform with certain building that would become useful for a server. Forest will be surrounding the build in some way to give it life and some organics since it will be in the ocean.

-A post apocalyptic city in ruins.

-An island floating in air with a gigantic tree, the tree having various building on top of its canopy, such as lighthouses, windmills, etc.

-A hand made of water holding an entire city in its palm.

-A sacred structure surrounded by huge towers with elephant heads atop, water would be pouring out of their trunks down onto a village or something.

-A dynamic meteor would be hitting the world, in it or maybe on top of it will be a city.

Now then, since only ideas were provided and I haven't yet provided the sketches of the build, (will be doing them on 7/18/12), all you guys need to do is provide ideas as well (if you wish to). After I have a base idea my build will become a work in progress, the majority of the very beginning of it being built in single-player, while the rest of it being transferred to Godu's server, where you'll give me the criticism part.

Also I'm unsure if any help in the actual building is currently allowed, though I still encourage any builders here to try out as well, it would really improve you own skills, help the LoneMiners, and be an interesting challenge.

To do any of this is completely optional for you, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd help out a bit.<]:3[--<


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Re: My Build for an Application to get us known.

Post  DrGodu92 on Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:25 am

This sounds like a fun project to do while we are still trying to get people to join up before recording. As for ideas:
- Maybe some epic mountain with a large cave system inside with a final room with treasure for a quest like adventure
- A cave town, by that I mean the houses look like stalagmites and stalactites so that the whole thing looks like a cave from a distance
- A large set of bones with a city built either underneath or on top, the bone structure being some sort of massive creature ie a dragon
- A circuit board city, the city looks like a computer circuit board with buildings being the sticking up parts
- Piston city; all doors, windows, etc are made with pistons (this may be the place we use that plugin for bouncy pistons as a way of travel around the city)
- The GoldenEye; (James Bond reference) large satellite with a tnt cannon at the base firing down
- Perhaps Atlantis, either we make up our own or base it off the movie; maybe even make the massive cave it was in

And thats all I can think of now, Ill add more later

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Re: My Build for an Application to get us known.

Post  Auravoo on Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:08 pm

Here are some ideas:
-City in the sky
-A dark, demonized city (possesed citizens)
-Giant forest/mushroom village
-Venus Flytrap (made with pistons, somehow DX)

That's all I can think of Neutral I'll see if I can think of more in the future. Smile Good Luck

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Re: My Build for an Application to get us known.

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